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Life planning when you can actually plan life

I have 10 drafts on this account. I think about writing here all the time but something about passing my first year of sobriety mark has quieted my words. I was very open last year about my first year of sobriety. I thought it was going to be my only year of sobriety so there was a lot to say about it. I started this blog thinking I would still have a lot to say about it moving into a life of sobriety, but do I? I'm not sure now. I guess I could talk about it a lot, but what do I say. That shit is hard? That living a sober life is like living with the volume at 11? That I'm still working through it all, and I have nothing figure out? That I sometimes still want to drink but then most times I never want to drink?

"She was having a hard time managing her feelings at this point, mostly because she hadn't felt them in so long-they confused her...After you've been numbed for a while, disorientation is a natural reaction as you come back around. It's like waking up…

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